Dr .Bill Dudley, DVM

The very highest level of surgical skill is best achieved by experience. Forty years ago Dr. Dudley began performing sophisticated orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures during his first year of private practice in Austin.  Over the years Dr. Dudley has gained a wealth of post-graduate training through numerous courses and wet labs in various parts of the country. 
No surgeon in the veterinary or human field can become extremely adept in all types of surgery, however some surgeons develop a very high level of competence in selected types of surgeries.  The very highest level of surgical skill is best achieved by experience.  His surgical experience and success can best be defined by knowing he has performed over 28,000 soft tissue procedures, over 3000 myelograms and spinal procedures and over 10,000 orthopedic procedures during his practice tenure.

Sabrina Blackshear, Practice Manager and Surgical Assistant

After  receiving her  degree in  Fashion  Merchandising and spending  several  years in  retail management,

pharmaceutical research  and  medical  transcription, Sabrina found  her true calling with Dr. Dudley in 2006.  Originally hired as the receptionist, she was able to put her knowledge of orthopedic surgical  procedures and medical terminology into practice, often assisting the technicians with their duties, and began training as a surgical assistant in 2009. Although managing the practice occupies most of her time, she likes to keep her technical skills sharp by assisting in surgery occasionally.  As an avid cat lover and rescuer, she has fostered hundreds of cats and kittens and can often be found with a cat or two sleeping in her lap.  She spends her free time cooking, crafting and hosting fabulous parties.



Melissa McMahon, RVT
Lead Technician

Melissa has been in the veterinary field since 1999 and received her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2002. She joined Dr. Dudley in 2009, bringing significant surgical and orthopedic experience to the team, as well as extensive training in anesthesia management and pain control. As the mother of three sons and a daughter, Melissa still finds time to craft and bake beautiful cakes.  Her family is rounded out by Sara a Shepard Mix, Scooby a Boxer and Sid Vicious a cat.  


Michele Coppinger,
Surgical Technician

Michele started her career with Dr. Dudley in the kennels 25 years ago, quickly finding her place as a technician on the surgical team. In addition to working for Dr. Dudley, she honed her skills at several veterinary specialty hospitals in the Austin area, accumulating 16 years of surgical, orthopedic and oncology experience. Michele has recently rejoined the team, bringing the perfect blend of familiarity with Dr. Dudley's practice and knowledge gained during her time away. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, horseback riding, swimming and taking care of her large "furry" family. 


Jana Humplik, RVT, CVT

As the newest team member, Jana brings significant surgical, general medicine and emergency room experience as well as a sunny personality. She received her degree in California and moved back to her home state of Massachuesetts to work at the renowned Angell-Memorial (the 2nd largest animal hospital in the country). She recently moved to Texas and received her RVT, making this her third state to be registered/certified in. Jana enjoys outdoor activities, yoga and is a member of the TVMA.  She has 3 pets, Bodi a Dachshund, Boston a Golden-Lab mix and Flame a Siamese cat. 


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